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Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities 

Business Enterprise Program

The OOD Business Enterprise Program (BEP) strives to be the premier career opportunity for individuals who are blind and the service provider of choice for our customers. The BEP provides people, who are legally blind, with employment opportunities as managers and operators of food service facilities. These food service facilities can be located in government buildings and at roadside rest stops. Today, BEP has more than 120 food service and vending enterprises in Ohio.

A BEP manager is the sole proprietor of a business. Like any other business, income is tied to profits as there are no wages or payments by a state, federal or county government. The average yearly personal income of a BEP manager is $41,000. In Ohio, BEP entrepreneurs employ more than 140 people; many are people with disabilities. BEP managers hire and supervise their own employees.