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Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities

For general inquiries, please send your request to:  


Mailing address:
400 East Campus View Boulevard
Columbus, Ohio 43235

Central Administrative Office:
150 East Campus View Boulevard
Columbus, Ohio 43235

Phone Numbers:
800-282-4536 Long Distance
614-438-1200 Local

Regional Offices:
Link to Contact an Office page


Name                             Title                                                       Phone Number      E-Mail
Kevin Miller Executive Director 614-438-1214 michelle.korting@ood.ohio.gov
Erik Williamson Assistant Executive Director 614-438-1214 michelle.korting@ood.ohio.gov
Michelle Korting Program Administrator 614-438-1214 michelle.korting@ood.ohio.gov
Vicki Friesland Policy Coordinator 614-438-1210 vicki.friesland@ood.ohio.gov
Andrew Conners Legislative Liaison 614-438-1212 andrew.conners@ood.ohio.gov 


 Division of Legal

Name                             Title                                                      Phone Number        E-Mail
Michael Rodgers Chief Legal Counsel  614-4381217 michael.rodgers@ood.ohio.gov


Division of Employer and Innovation Services

Name                             Title                                                     Phone Number          E-Mail
Kristen Ballinger Deputy Director 614-438-1254


Stephanie Andrian Assistant Deputy Director 614-438-1233 stephanie.andrian@ood.ohio.gov
Jon Hackathorn Manager - Business Relations 614-438-1259 jon.hackathorn@ood.ohio.gov
Steve Tribbie Manager - Research & Lean Six Sigma 614-438-1284 steven.tribbie@ood.ohio.gov

Division of Disability Determination (DDD)

Name                               Title                                                  Phone Number            E-Mail
Erik Williamson  Deputy Director  614-438-1501 erik.williamson@ssa.gov
Teresa Gray Assistant Deputy Director 614-438-1789 teresa.gray@ssa.gov
Rhonda Tanner Assistant Deputy Director 614-438-1644 rhonda.tanner@ssa.gov
Tom Melfo Assistant Deputy Director 614-438-1299 tom.melfo@ssa.gov


Division of Human Resources

Name                             Title                                                   Phone Number            E-Mail
James Clinkscale Manager - Diversity & Inclusion 614-438-1429 james.clinkscale@ood.ohio.gov
Gwen Biglin Manager - Classification & Selections 614-438-1201 gwen.biglin@ood.ohio.gov


Division of Fiscal Management

Name                            Title                                                    Phone Number            E-Mail
Therese Dyer Chief Financial Officer 614-438-1763 therese.dyer@ood.ohio.gov
Maria Seaman Manager - Budget 614-438-1750 maria.seaman@ood.ohio.gov
Jenny Jones Manager - Finance 614-433-8279 jenny.jones@ood.ohio.gov
Jon Leatherman Manager - Facilities 614-438-1221 jon.leatherman@ood.ohio.gov 
Boniface Ogbonna Manager - Monitoring and Compliance 614-438-1895 boniface.ogbonna@ood.ohio.gov


Division of Information Technology

Name                           Title                                                    Phone Number             E-Mail
Tim Nguyen Deputy Director 614-433-8214 timothy.nguyen@ood.ohio.gov


Office of Communications 

Name                         Title                                                      Phone Number             E-Mail
Pam Prosser Chief 614-438-1476 pam.prosser@ood.ohio.gov
Shirley Marchi Community Relations Liaison 614-438-1477 shirley.marchi@ood.ohio.gov


Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation (BVR)

Name                         Title                                                      Phone Number             E-Mail
Susan Pugh Deputy Director 614-438-1242 susan.pugh@ood.ohio.gov
VR Provider Information crpvendor@ood.ohio.gov


Bureau of Services for the Visually Impaired (BSVI)

Name                         Title                                                     Phone Number              E-Mail
Mindy Duncan Deputy Director 614-438-1242 melinda.duncan@ood.ohio.gov
Christy Hauck Manager Business Enterprise Program 614-438-1233 christine.hauck@ood.ohio.gov

Darlene Dalton

Supervisor - Independent Living Programs 614-781-8741 darlene.dalton@ood.ohio.gov

Cynthia Lee

Training Manager - Business Enterprise Program 614-438-1279 cynthia.lee@ood.ohio.gov
Elizabeth Sammons Program Administrator/Outreach Coordinator 614-438-1260 elizabeth.sammons@ood.ohio.gov
Sarah Kelly BSVI Program Services Manager 614-438-1474 sarah.j.kelly@ood.ohio.gov

BVR and BSVI Regional Managers

Name                         Title                                                     Phone Number              E-Mail
Mark Fay Area Manager (Southwest) 513-852-3260 mark.fay@ood.ohio.gov
Kelly Rodriguez Area Manager (Southeast) 614-466-4575 kelly.rodriguez@ood.ohio.gov
Marc Manheim  Area Manager (East-Central Area) 330-915-2013


Curt Morman Area Manager (Northwest) 419-866-5811 curt.morman@ood.ohio.gov
Traci Conkling Area Manager (Northeast) 216-227-3250 traci.conkling@ood.ohio.gov